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1TESTEMPLOYERS – Review connections. Not resumes.

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Review Connections Not Resumes

Hoodo is hiring re-imagined! Candidates are pre-screened and to your requirements, so no reviewing “off-the-mark” applicants. And we scrub candidate profiles of all identity indicators to help advance equal opportunity for all.

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Why hoodo


3EMPLOYERS – A new level of efficiency.

A New Level of

Preview of job match screens in Hoodo.

Combine hyper relevance and one-click
actionability, and you’ve cut so much
wasted time.

  • Post your job for free.
  • Review pre-screened, hyper relevant candidates.
  • Before you pay anything, we show you why they rock.
  • We scrub for gender, age and ethnicity clues to promote equitable hiring practices.
  • Pay to unlock and connect with the most promising candidates.

2EMPLOYER – A coveted class of candidates.

A Coveted Class
of Candidates

Preview of candidate match screen

Hyper relevance and one-click actionability cuts wasted time.

  • No resume wasteland to wander through.
  • We match a candidates skill’s, experience and desires to you.
  • No middle man: Enjoy immediate and direct access to the candidates you like.

4EMPLOYERS – And above all, trust

On Hoodo, Talent Shines Through!

No more reviewing resumes that are “off the mark”. And no more trying to read between the lines to dissect over-hyped business speak.

  • Review how a candidates’skills, abilities, and knowledge align with your speciffic needs.
  • Unlimited job posts, unlimited candidate insights.
  • Only pay to unlock/reveal candidates that match you requirements.
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5EMPLOYER – Ready to boss like a boss?

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Ready to Boss Like a Boss?

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