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1Job Seeker – You’re In

You’re In

Say goodbye to the do-nothing job board black hole.
Say hello to your job hunting and matching advocate.
That’s hoodo, the free app for jobseekers,
ready to download now.

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2JOB SEEKERS – Your Skills and Talents Pop*

Your Skills and Talents Pop.

hoodo creates a profile richer
than any resume. Like any good
hype crew would.

– Swipe through questions on your areas of expertise, goals, requirements, dream
conditions, and more.

– hoodo dimensionalizes you in varied and intriguing ways hirers can drool over.

– Hirers see the reasons why you rock, so they’re not judging by your pic or any of their

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3Job Seeker – You’re Matched to Relevant Jobs

You’re Matched
to Relevant Jobs.

hoodo removes the clutter and frustration
of rando fernando jobs in your inbox.
How’s that for having your back?

-Opportunities that click, and some that might surprise you.

-We tell you why it’s a fit.

-You can say yay or nay to any of them with a simple swipe.


4JOB SEEKERS – And Served Up to Real Decision Makers

And Served Up To Real Decision Makers

hoodo gets you out of your resume and into a chat with the people who make the call.

-hoodo shares a relevance score based on how great a fit you are

-It’s easy for them to browse, be impressed, and reach out immediately.

-Now you’re chatting directly, right in the app.

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5JOB SEEKER – You in?

You in?

Get the hoodo app and prepare for a next-level of getting to the next level.
It’s always free for jobseekers, and you’re always welcome, no matter what stage you’re at.

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Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Need to get in touch? We would love to hear from you. Send us your info and
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