Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving Assistant

Posted January 10, 2023

Employment Type Full Time

Duration 12+ months

Start Date January 10, 2023

Company Size 100+

Job Description

Position Title: Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving Assistant


The Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving Assistant is responsible for maintaining and organizing warehouse inventory.  This role will pull orders for shipping, place inventory in the warehouse, maintain accurate record keeping in an ERP system and assist with any material handling in the facility.

Warehouse Duties

  1. Accurately move and record all warehouse, shipping and receiving transactions.
    1. Schedule trucks for pick-up and delivery
    2. Prepare and label cartons and pallets according to customer specifications. 
    3. Verify, approve, and document all incoming receipts and outgoing shipments for accuracy.
    4. Complete bills of lading required for shipping 
    5. Load and unload trucks
    6. Maintain written and computer logs of shipments and receipts
    7. Work with UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and other delivery companies to ensure timely delivery
    8. Prepare and ship samples for product development and sales people
    9. Maintain shipping room, warehouse and dock areas and the inventory in them in a neat and orderly manner
    10. Complete small pick and pack orders daily as required as well as larger LTL and FTL weekly customer orders.
    11. Maintain all inventory in an organized, clearly labeled and accessible system
    12. Provide back-up coverage for Shipping, Receiving and Production Kitting where needed.

Essential Functions: Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Collaborate with other departments and project team members 
  2. Provide problem resolution including process improvement 
  3. Utilize ERP and Inventory Control system to analyze and report warehouse inventory accuracy 


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