Armature Winder

Posted May 19, 2022

Employment Type Full Time

Duration Permanent

Start Date May 19, 2022

Company Size 100+

Job Details

Primary Objective of Position: An Armature Winder performs the setup, layout, winding, connecting, testing, and troubleshooting of electrical AC or DC rotating equipment. 

Skills Matrix: The Armature Winder position is part of the Winding Team skills Matrix. This position works as a team member utilizing and performing to the Winding Team skills matrix, which outlines the comprehensive skills in the Winding Team. 

Major Areas of Accountability: 

• Winds stators and rotors to Engineering specifications according to documented procedures 

• Performs layout operations from armature winding specifications and engineering instructions 

• Assembles temperature sensing devices per engineering and process requirements 

• Measures, orders, configures and inserts slot insulation 

• Brazes or solders connections using torches, solder irons, tinning pots or induction brazing equipment 

• Insulates connections, lashings studs and lashing rings according to process requirements 

• Layout and connect phase groups per Armature Winding process specifications. 

• Layout sample coils, form connections to tooling guides, life, turn, sand, tape, paint and transport turbo half coils. 

• Layout, install, connect, insulate, and lug main stator leads 

• Perform in process electrical test during winding and assist during final inspection of stators or rotors. 

• Perform turbo rotor winding operations which include: making armature leads, set up and winding of rotor, hanging pressing fixtures and baking rotor, troubleshooting electrical problems, insulating retaining rings removing and installing retaining rings, assemble and fit permanent blocking and initiating established repair procedures. 

• Perform exciter rotor winding both random and formed coil operations which include: interpreting winding schematics, layout, insulate, wind, connect, band and troubleshooting electrical problems. 

• Read and interpret blueprints, work instructions, processes, and bills of materials. 

• Works in other areas of the Winding Team skills matrix, may perform duties in the Winding Team skills matrix such as coil taping, coil manufacturing, VPI, and pole winding. 

• Demonstrates a commitment to Continuous Improvement by identifying opportunities in day-to-day work. 

• Performs to ISO 9001 Quality Standards and abides to OSHA and EPA regulations. 


• High School degree (required) with a 1 year of manufacturing experience (preferred). 

• Ability to be certified in overhead crane, Jib crane and forklift operation. 

• Math skills required to compute cross sectional areas for wire splices. 

Physical Requirements: 

• Routinely lifts and moves objects up to 20 lbs. 

• Occasionally lifts and moves objects up to 50 lbs. 

• Routinely ascends/descends ladders and stairs. 

• Occasionally works at heights or on platforms. 

• Occasionally positions self in various works spaces, including low, tight, or confined spaces. 

• Routinely remains in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time. 

• Routinely uses repetitive motions including the wrists, hands, or fingers to operate machinery or tools. 

• Routinely moves from one workstation to another to accomplish tasks.

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